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How It Works

Deciding on a career or a job that is going to be the right for you is always a tricky business, especially if you aren’t interested in any of the more traditional roles, going on to university or following specific training programmes.
At GoMenta we understand that you may have an interest in something a bit more creative or less ‘run of the mill’, or you might have developed a talent and passion for something that started out as a hobby. That is why rather than push you down traditional routes we work with you to make the most of your passions, talents and flair.

Create Your Future
With the help of funding from a variety of sources, we are a not-for-profit organisation that provides training courses for less traditional subjects; coaches and mentors from a range of unusual industries, and FREE, one to one support for those people that want to take their ideas and passions and set up their own business venture.

We already work with a diverse range of people to assist different business ideas and motivations – from professional musicians to independent fashion designers; online gamers to film makers, and internet entrepreneurs to textile printers.

If you have time, take a moment to look at the portfolio page and see some of the inspirational stories from a few GoMenta people – they range from the quirky to the unlikely and the surprising to the unusual.
And if you have any particular needs or want to know more about how GoMenta can help you, contact us as soon as you like!
0800 085 5090