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Future Sounds Education

FutureSounds Education has become one of the leading players in music tuition across East Anglia. Incorporating traditional methods with modern concepts, our teaching approach actively involves and engages each student during every session, promoting a positive learning experience.


Having taught extensively both privately, at institutions such as LMS (formerly Musicians Institute London) and at a number of schools and colleges across the East of England, our tutors have had the opportunity to work with a wide cross section of students, from aspiring professionals to hobbyists looking to gain more enjoyment from their music. As performers our team are working with some of the biggest names in the UK music industry so you can be sure you are learning current and relevant information that will help you on your way towards your musical ambitions.


We at FutureSounds Education are extremely proud of the work we do; our mission has always been to help young creative minds take the next step on their musical path. With the increase in creative employment opportunities, we feel that young people should be getting regular exposure to music and music tuition. Being a musician is no longer seen as a hobby but as a recognised career and we want to help develop this new generation of players.


Afrika Green

Having graduated from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a 1st class honours in the BAHons Music Performance degree, Afrika Green is a cut above the rest. Afrika boasts an impressive C.V. featuring some of the industries top names. She has recently worked with the group ‘12lve’, a product of the television documentary ‘Goldies Band: By Royal Appointment’ shown last year on BBC2. Afrika is also currently working as a participation key worker at west Suffolk college with young N.E.E.TS


Ryan Houghton

Ryan is a highly experienced tutor, working with over 300 students during the past 5 years. He is a versatile and confident tutor who has forged a strong reputation for developing young players. With over 10 years playing experience under his belt, many of these working in bands and as a tutor. Many of Ryan’s students have progressed through the Rockschool and RGT grades resulting in Ryan’s 100% pass rate. Equally at home on Bass, Ryan has vast live and studio experience and currently plays with Suffolk based bands Hi-Fi Idols, Lone Crows and Jade Donno as well as fronting his own band Black Mountain Blues. He has extensive knowledge of guitars and has previously spent time working as a guitar technician. Ryan is an RGT registered tutor and proud endorsee of Dovetail Strings.


Joe Taylor

Award-winning drummer Joe Taylor began his music career at the tender age of 8, playing in the church band for weekly Sunday services. Since then he has performed with some of the UK’s finest musicians and performed at some of the most prestigious venues this side of the Atlantic. In 2009 Joe attended the Academy of Contemporary Music and was subsequently awarded the ‘Outstanding Drummer of the Year’ award. Since moving to Suffolk, he has built a reputable teaching practice offering lessons on drums and bass guitar and has maintained a 100% pass rate across Rockschool and Trinity/Guildhall.


Lesson Content:

We can teach from Rockschool, Trinity/Guildhall and RGT (guitar and bass) courses (up to grade 8) as well as being able to offer our own structured syllabus, specifically designed to prepare students for a vocation in music, rather than simply progressing through the grading systems.

Currently, we offer this service across the following disciplines:

  • · Acoustic guitar
  • · Electric Guitar (Rhythm and Lead)
  • · Bass Guitar
  • · Drum Kit
  • · Snare Drum
  • · Piano/Keyboard

Tuition can be provided in a variety of formats including:


One to One/Private Lessons:

Students are taught on an individual basis with the tutor being able to provide personalised tuition, allowing problem areas to be tackled more effectively and the student’s natural rate of progression identified and allowed for.


Group Lessons (Within the same discipline)

Groups of up to 5 students (of similar age and ability) can be taught together and guided through the learning materials discussed above. The main advantage of opting for group lessons for your school is that a greater number of students can be catered for in a shorter space of time, causing minimal disruption to the school timetable. The economic advantages of this scheme are also worth mentioning. Private music lessons (In general) can cost anywhere between £20 and £40 per hour, with no guaranteed correlation between the ability of the tutor and their hourly fee. We have devised a model to reduce financial risk, with the potential to profit everyone involved.

How this works (Real life example):

Guitar tuition is required for 15 guitar students.

By matching together similar ages and abilities, 3 groups of 5 students are then created.

Group lessons are often 25 minutes in length (can vary depending on age/ability/requirements of the school and/or students)

This allows for 3 groups to be taught in just over one hour, reducing our time on site whilst catering for all 15 guitar students in one sitting.

Each student is charged a set fee (usually around £3 per session or £30 per 10 week term).


Futuresounds workshops


Band Workshop

This workshop is based around the idea of exploring what it takes to perform within a band environment. We de-construct popular repertoire and analyse song structure, chord sequences and dynamics as well as focusing on each individual instrument’s parts separately. The main aim of these sessions is to get students enjoying music whilst building a solid understanding of music and performance. We can cover all manner of band environments from duos to fully fledged rock bands.

Individuals involved will develop skills in:

  • · Stylistic awareness
  • · Musicianship
  • · Musical direction
  • · Group interaction
  • · Chart reading/writing

Song writing Workshop

A workshop designed to get students inspired about the process of composition. They will learn how to construct chord sequences, how to create melodies, how to orchestrate their ideas and how to then form an arrangement. This workshop contains elements of ICT, as we will be using common DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) as well as notation software to document students’ ideas. Writing to a brief is also covered, which is a skill necessary for the GCSE and A-level music syllabuses.


Music Theory Workshop

This workshop is designed for students wishing to develop their knowledge of music theory and harmony in a practical way. The complexity of the materials covered during the workshop (as with all of the workshops discussed) will depend upon the ability and ambition of the students’ and we can cover all manner of topics from time and key signatures right through to advanced voicing techniques.


Recycled Rockstars

A really fun session involving and making our own instruments out of recycled materials! We look at how certain instruments work and come up with our own using the materials available. (Materials provided by FutureSounds). We also decorate our instruments to celebrate creativity within the group. The final part of the workshop will be to perform a piece of music using our newly built instruments. The students learn about the importance of recycling as well as the structure of musical instruments and the science behind their function.



Aside from the free introductory assembly we are offering as part of this pack. We can also provide regular assemblies for your school.


Instrument Specific Workshops:


Keyboard Lab: We will teach your students the basics of piano/keyboard technique including scales and arpeggios using the correct finger positions (as outlined by Trinity/Guildhall). We will also look at treble and bass clef reading applied to the piano/keyboard, and consolidating the information by learning basic repertoire.

Guitar/Bass Workshop: Guitar and Bass students are guided through popular repertoire, breaking down each section and individual part to explore the technical and theoretical aspects of the song.


Rudimental workshop: This workshop is designed to give the students a good grasp of rudimental drumming within the context of an ensemble. All 40 PAS rudiments will be covered as well as well- known snare drum repertoire from Charles Wilcoxon, Saul Goodman, Matt Savage and many others.


World Percussion Ensemble: Designed to unearth your rhythmic potential, this workshop will inspire the student’s discovery of a diverse range of styles and patterns including:

  • · Samba
  • · Afro-Cuban
  • · Salsa
  • · West African
The participants will gain a greater understanding of the rhythmic concepts and feels of various styles, as well as becoming familiar with a range of percussion instruments. No previous musical experience is necessary and all instruments are provided by FutureSounds.


Rental Equipment

We understand that not everybody can afford (or wants to) buy their own instrument from the start. So we have made a great range of instruments available for hire at very affordable prices!


There are many benefits to our hire scheme:

Hire instruments are ideal when you first start learning and playing as they provide flexible and affordable access to a suitable instrument without a large investment.

You can hire the instrument for as long as is needed.

Instrument rentals are based on a rolling contract, so there is no minimum amount of time you need to rent the instrument for.

If at any point you would like to purchase your hired instrument you can do so at a discounted rate.

The instrument is serviced for FREE against normal wear and tear (consumables such as strings, drum sticks and skins are not included).

All rentals are subject to a refundable deposit (normally 20% of the instrument’s value). Any damage caused due to negligence and/or ill treatment will result in the loss of the deposit and possible criminal charges being brought (depending on the severity of the damage).



We offer an instrument repair service and our skilled technician is available for most guitar and drum repair and maintenance jobs including:

  • · Restringing for Acoustic, Classical, Electric and Bass guitars.
  • · Intonation and action standard set-up
  • · Rewiring and other electric guitar repairs such as; switch, jack socket and pickup


  • · General guitar maintenance and advanced jobs such as re-fretting, re- finishing and impact


Damage repair:

  • · Re- skinning drum kits and percussion instruments.
  • · Drum kit tuning
  • · Hardware and cymbal repairs

Our technician is happy to assess any issues you may have and advise you on the best course of action. All of our work is carried out to the highest standards and every guitar and drum leaves our workshop with a full set up to ensure you are getting the most from your equipment.